I moved around a lot when I was a kid, and I started coming to Pacifc City when I was 8 years old. Every few years we would move again, to So Cal or Baltimore, but we always managed to make it out to the Oregon Coast for a few weeks every year. Being here was the only place that truly felt like home throughout the constantly changing scenery of my childhood.

I met my partner in crime, Andrew Russell (aka Roo), jamming with our junk Stratocaster knock-offs at our mutal friends' house when we were in middle school. After we graduated from the angsty, adolescent punk and ska bands in high school, we hit our stride with our band Morning For The Masses. 

In 2006, we flew out to Pacific City to write demos for our first record. I lugged my Korg D1200MKII 12 Track Recorder and made the first ever recordings in the house. Something magical happened during those few weeks, and we all recognized the mojo this place added to our work. 

But a little over a year later, we were forced to call it quits with Morning For The Masses. Our lives splintered off in different directions. We didn't know if we'd ever make music together again. 

The universe had other plans for us. In 2008, we reconvened in Pacific City and could still feel the magic. A year later and we we're reunited for one last epic show. No more than a day after the show, Roo and I signed a lease on an apartment in the Lower East Side of Manhattan.

New York City amplifies the things in life that are barely audible elsewhere and we listened for the rumble of the new music industry fire on all cylinders. We turned our focus toward custom songwriting and production for the burgeoning branded entertainment industry.

After a year in the city, Roo decided to move back to Baltimore and attend the Omega School of Recording Arts and Sciences (Rockville, MD) to become a certified Pro Tools Operator. But just before classes started, we stuffed our bags full of as much gear as they would allow us to carry on a plane, flew out to Oregon and set up a mini studio on the kitchen table. This is where we produced some of the video and songs on the creations page.

We dreamed that someday we would turn that little kitchen setup into the real deal.  

Today, we are making that dream a reality.

-Colin Robson