How to escape before they catch you. / by Kiwanda Sound Recordings

This whole project began in late spring of 2011. My very good friend Mario and I had been on a self imposed exile from NYC when I had gotten the OK to begin demolishing the rooms in what would become KSR HQ. The next step was to get my gear from one coast to the other, so I purchased a big white 2000 Ford E-350 Super Duty XL van with a conversion that allowed it run on waste vegetable oil. The attached video shows the beginnings of an epic road trip, which I will continuing releasing footage from. It was highly enjoyable.

However, these posts are about not about that road trip, at least not yet. These will be about the how this studio came to be, how it was designed, funded, built and worked in over the last year and a half. I will be chronologically telling the story, along with DIY guides on how I constructed the windows and walls. I am hoping you can enjoy the process and have an insight into what it really takes to build a quality studio independently for the first time. 

But first, enjoy this video. It details a few of the DIY filters we tried on the van. They didn't work so well. Mario and I cover ourselves in hot fryer oil a few times, which is always sexy.